About us

Hello! Nice to have you here!

I am Aryane. I have many hats in life:

  • Olivia’s mother
  • Rodrigo’s wife
  • Neuropediatrician
  • Blogger (the most recent one!)

My education happened at Santa Casa of São Paulo, Brazil, which is considered the biggest philanthropic hospital in Latin America.

During my 10-year graduation journey, I was more and more certain of my love for children and my willingness to take care of their well being which is why I chose paediatrics.

Then I discovered Child Neurology and all its aspects : it was love at first sight!

My latest endeavor is this blog, which I am pleased to collaborate with my sister!

I hope the information we share here give you tools and knowledge to help your child develop to its fullest potential.

Everything we share here is to empower you to make the right decisions.

I want you to stimulate your child’s brain!

I want you to have fun doing it!

I want so many things!

Let me know if you want to know more about any specific topic!

See you in every post!

Hi! I am glad you found us!

I am Desiree and Aryane is my sister.

I got pregnant in May 2019 and Aryane came to visit me in London on August 2019.

At that point, I realized I had a lot to learn about pregnancy, child development, nutrition, you name it!

So, from me learning about my pregnancy and babies to writing a blog is quite a stretch but we will make it happen!

Besides becoming a blogger out of nowhere:

  • I work in finance
  • I met my husband at work (classic!)
  • My perfect drink now is Virgin Mojito (for the moment at least)
  • I love karaoke as you won’t believe!

I am Brazilian but moved to London with my husband and now the family is growing! What a ride!

I want this blog to be about my discoveries!

I want this to be about you feeling confident about your choices!

I want this to be personal and writing it with my sister makes me feel closer to her even being so far!

I really wish to share useful and practical information. If anything we write here makes your life easier, that will mean the world to me!

Get in touch!